About Brittany

Brittany is a graduate film student at the University of the arts Utrecht. From little age she told her stories of traveling with her family around western Europe. When she got her first paid job of filming a familiy wedding, she decided to get more in to camera operating jobs while learning on the way. If it wasn’t for this big decision she would have been a flight attendant now. Coming from a aerospace industry leading family her passion for, proper and jet planes and autobiographical films inspire her every day.

She started working at public television in 2016, learning live television and ENG camerawork is the basic of learning and handling good camera techniques. Brittany also worked for numerous productions for aerial video producer Jochem Feldberg (Flying Dutchmen) and Dutch documentary producer Joost Schrickx. Fictional film productions she was involved with where Dutch Police TV-series ‘Flikken Maastricht’ as camera trainee for Dutch cinematographer Willem Helwig and, the short film ‘thirteen buckets’ as 1st AC for DoP Maarten Langenlo and director Tim Gerse.

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