Varicam Lt

Varicam Lt
• Recording formats: HD 1920×1080, 2.8 K and 4K DCI (interlaced & progressive) 
• Frame rates: 0,75 – 240 Fps (progressive) 
• Codecs: 10 bit AVC-Intra / ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422 (HQ) 422, 422 (LT)
• EF + PL mount
• Rec709, V-look (broadcast) & V-Log
• 4G LTE, Wifi and Ethernet Camera remote control
• Headphone output (mini jack),
• Pre Record function 

The Panasonic Varicam Lt is a wonderful piece of equipment to own. The colour reproduction and dynamic range is superb compared to 35mm film. Varicam is known to big Netflix productions like, Ozark, Arrested Development and more. You will just love the image!

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